N M Ovcinnikov

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Under the scanning electron microscope, the body surface of trichomonads appears ruffled and creased, with numerous crater-like depressions, which should probably be interpreted as the initial stage in the formation of digestive vacuoles or pinocytotic vesicles. Having contacted epithelial cells, trichomonads engulf them totally or partially. Various(More)
The development of electron microscopy has advanced our knowledge of the morphology of Treponema pallidum, but the exact significance of some of the formations observed is not yet clear and requires further detailed study by chemists as well as morphologists. The literature has been reviewed and our methods described in previous reports (Ovcinnikov and(More)
The authors describe the results of studies carried out in rabbits infected with syphilis on the therapeutic properties and duration of penicillinaemia of a number of penicillin preparations manufactured in the USSR and of certain others from Czechoslovakia and the USA. These products were studied after intramuscular administration, mainly in doses of 42(More)
In previous papers* the main features of gonococcal structure as seen under the electron microscope were described. The study of gonococci taken from a culture on artificial medium is undoubtedly of importance, since it gives an idea of the structure of the pathogen outside the patient's organism and unaffected by exposure to the body's protective forces.(More)
Ultrathin sections of a rabbit scrotal syphiloma were examined by electron microscopy. Treponemes were observed in the endo-, peri-, and epineurium of the nerve fibre. The significance of these findings, in that infection may be transmitted via the nerve fibres and pain reduced by damage to the afferent fibres, are discussed.
In view of the great importance of phagocytosis in protecting the body against infection and in producing antibodies, the authors paid particular attention to phagocytosis in their electron microscope studies of tissues obtained from hard chancres in rabbits with syphilis and from testicular membranes in rabbits with yaws. The nature of the phagocytosis by(More)