N M Manikandan

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We have constructed a dark-bright N-soliton solution with 4N+3 real parameters for the physically interesting system of mixed coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations. Using this as well as an asymptotic analysis we have investigated the interaction between dark-bright vector solitons. Each colliding dark-bright one-soliton at the asymptotic limits includes(More)
We find a dark component guiding the practically interesting bright-bright vector one-soliton to two different parametric domains giving rise to different physical situations by constructing a more general form of three-component dark-bright-bright mixed vector one-soliton solution of the generalized Manakov model with nine free real parameters. Moreover(More)
The cat tail (Typha elephantina), a non-food commercial crop grows as an emergent hydrophyte in tidal waterlogged areas. Its leaves are used for preparing mats and used as roof top and wall partition. Typha sp. has been found to be efficient accumulator of N from sediment under waterlogged condition. The N utilization mainly through nitrate reductase (NR)(More)
The concentration of primordial radionuclides in soil samples of Gudalore Taluk in the Udagamandalam district has been measured from the gamma ray spectrum of the soil. The mean activities of 232Th, 238U and 40K are 75.3 +/- 44.1, 37.7 +/- 10.1 and 195.2 +/- 85.1 Bq kg-1 dry weight, respectively. The average outdoor absorbed dose rate in air at a height of(More)
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