N. M. Cotran

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We performed a retrospective study of 237 patients attending a specialty osteoporosis practice. Secondary causes for reduced bone mineral density (BMD) were evaluated in 196 postmenopausal women and 41 premenopausal women; mean age was 56 ± 13.8 years (mean ± SD). BMD was measured by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) (QDR 1000W/2000 Hologic). Levels of(More)
Whole mounts, cryosections, and isolated cortices of unfertilized sea urchin eggs were probed with fluorescent phalloidin, anti-actin and anti-egg spectrin antibodies to investigate the organizational state of the cortically associated actin-membrane cytoskeleton. Filamentous actin and egg spectrin were localized to the plasma membrane, within microvillar(More)
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