N. M. Bass

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Monospecific antisera to purified hepatic fatty acid-binding protein (hFABP) and gut fatty acid-binding protein (gFABP) have been used to localize these two proteins in the small intestine of fed rats at the light microscopic level. Pieces of duodenum, jejunum, and ileum were removed from 4-, 10-, 20-, 22-, and 60-day-old Sprague-Dawley rats. Both cryostat(More)
OBJECTIVE There are currently no practising psychiatrists in Somaliland. In 2007 the first medical students graduated from universities in Somaliland without mental health training. We aimed to pilot an intensive but flexible package of mental health training to all senior medical students and interns using interactive training techniques and to evaluate(More)
The Dynamax appliance is a treatment modality for the correction of the Skeletal II malocclusion characterized by a mandibular retrusion. Progressive mandibular advancement, maxillary expansion, control of maxillary growth, incisor torque and control of vertical facial development are incorporated into a two-part appliance. The design facilitates laboratory(More)
Clinical management and clinical trials of patients with overt hepatic encephalopathy (OHE) are compromised by lack of standardized and reproducible tools for its clinical diagnosis or for caregiver (CG) identification of OHE manifestations which merit medical evaluation. Using an iterative Delphi method, Steering Committee and international hepatologist(More)
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