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Neuropsychiatric problems are common among liver transplant recipients, and immunosuppressant neurotoxicity is an important etiologic factor in the posttransplant period. Four typical cases of immunosuppressant neurotoxicity are presented from the clinical experience of the University of California, Los Angeles-Dumont Liver Transplant program. All patients(More)
Three trained subjects were repeatedly tested for detection of auditory thresholds at 27 frequencies, from 2 to 18 kHz. A double-blind procedure was used with the method of adjustment, and the quasi-free-field delivery system of Osterhammel et al. [Scand. Audiol. 6:91-95, 1977] was used to monaurally stimulate the ear. A very reliable series of high- and(More)
A quasi-free-field technique was used to assess the effects of extra-high-frequency-band masking on detection threshold of middle and high (1-7 kHz) frequencies. At an SPL of 60 dB, the 10- to 20-kHz masker produced a slight amount of masking. Increasing the masking level by another 5 dB produced a disproportionate increase of the detection thresholds. This(More)
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