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Slow horizontal head and body rotation occurs in mice and rats when the visual field is rotated around them, and these optomotor movements can be produced reliably in a virtual-reality system. If one eye is closed, only motion in the temporal-to-nasal direction for the contralateral eye evokes the tracking response. When the maximal spatial frequency(More)
The coherence thresholds to discriminate the direction of motion in random-dot kinematograms were measured in rats and mice. Performance was best in the rats when dot displacement from frame-to-frame was about 2 degrees, and frame duration was less than 100 ms. Mice had coherence thresholds similar to those of rats when tested at the same step size and(More)
Pinus gerardiana is considered an important species in dry temperate forests of North-Western Indian Himalaya because of its influence on ecological processes and economic dependence of local people in the region. But, large numbers of biotic and abiotic factors have affected P. gerardiana in these forests; hence, there is a crucial need to understand the(More)
Resource conservation issues have drawn the attention of scientists to devise innovative tillage and crop establishment techniques for higher productivity in small holder farming systems in the tropics but relatively less attention has been given in rainfed sloping lands of the Indian sub-Himalayan (sub-temperate) regions. To investigate these issues, an(More)
Grewia optiva Drummond is one of important agroforestry tree species grown by the farmers in the lower and mid-hills of western Himalaya. Different models viz., monomolicular, logistic, gompetz, allometric, rechards, chapman and linear were fitted to the relationship between total biomass and diameter at breast height (DBH) as independent variable. The(More)
Tris(1-methylimidazolium) bis(1-methylimidazole)hexacosaoxidooctamolybdatesodium, (C(4)H(7)N(2))(3)[NaMo(8)O(26)(C(4)H(6)N(2))(2)], prepared from an aqueous solution containing Na(2)MoO(4) and 1-methylimidazole, contains the novel chain-like anion (infinity)(1)[NaMo(8)O(26)(mim)(2)](3-) (mim is 1-methylimidazole). The [Mo(8)O(26)(mim)(2)](4-) building unit,(More)
Canopy management practices viz. lopping, pruning, coppicing and pollarding in trees alter branch density, height, leaf area index and rooting pattern of the trees. The present study was conducted to quantify the impact of canopy management practices and intercropping on fine and coarse roots distribution in mulberry (Morus alba). In total, six treatments(More)
There are little possibilities of horizontal expansion of area under oilseeds at country level. This necessitates taking up some alternate measures of expanding the area under oilseeds and simultaneously taking the advantages of crop diversification in major cash crop of Bt-cotton in India through legume oilseeds like groundnut intercropping. For this(More)
Pinus gerardiana Wall. is an important ecological and economic forestry species having restricted distribution in India. It has been observed that natural regeneration of the species is extremely poor or entirely lacking. This species has erratic and infrequent seed years and dormancy related problems that also reduce regeneration process in natural(More)
Drought is a natural hazard which may temporarily affect any region in the world by several means. In the present study frequency analysis of meteorological drought in the Bellary region of Karnataka has been investigated for 52 years (1961–2012) using the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) at short (SPI-1 and SPI-3), medium (SPI-6) and long (SPI-12)(More)