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The present study explored the prevalence and descriptive characteristics of hyperacusis, defined as unusual intolerance of ordinary environmental sounds. Two ways of collecting data were used in the study: the first was a postal survey of a random sample, to which 589 responded (59.7% response rate); the second was the internet, and 595 self-recruited(More)
Osteopenia, sometimes with compression fractures of the spine, is a side-effect of long-term heparin treatment. The frequency is unknown. In this study, 70 women were given subcutaneous heparin as therapy for, or prophylaxis against, thromboembolism during pregnancy. All, except two, were examined by X-ray of the spine and hip first week post partum. The(More)
Seven children with severe hemophilia A on prophylactic substitution therapy since a mean age of 5 years (group I) were investigated in 1978 (at ages 6-12 years) and in 1988 (at ages 16-22 years). The results were compared with those of seven children aged 5-12 for whom such treatment was started at a mean age of 3 years (group II). In group I, four had(More)
Plasma catecholamine levels have been determined before, during and after operation in seven consecutive patients operated upon for pheochromocytoma. The method used permits the simultaneous determination of norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine. All patients had increased levels of one or several catecholamines while hypertensive. Two of seven patients(More)
Fifty two patients with juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) and 22 patients with arthritis of short duration (transient arthritis, TA) were studied in a follow up investigation. Nineteen (37%) of the patients with JCA had peripheral arthritis or sequelae in the form of contractures at follow up, and in addition one patient was treated with corticosteroids. In(More)
Considering the general impression of an increased number of patients with acute renal colic, the frequencies of roentgenologically verified ureteral and kidney calculi in a Swedish urban district have been studied for the periods 1953-55 and 1968-70. In a material of 986 outpatients (793 men and 193 women) we have proved an increase in incidence for upper(More)