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A prospective study was done to identify Cryptosporidium in the stools of young children, aged 2 months to 3 years, admitted to hospital. Of a total of 387 stool samples from 387 individuals, 131 stool specimens forming the control group were from children with non-diarrheal, respiratory tract infections, 200 and 56 stool samples were from children with(More)
The differences in the fatty acid spectra of serum samples obtained from vegetarians (62 females, 40 males) and non-vegetarians (70 females, 38 males) were evaluated in a matched-pair study design. This study population made it possible to examine 48 female and 31 male pairs whose age difference did not exceed 3 years. The pairs were further matched by(More)
The results of a 4-week summer camp for childhood obesity were reported. Twenty-one children with moderate to severe obesity, aged between 8-13 years, joined the program. Dietary restriction during the official hours and dietary self-control at home were implemented throughout the program. Exercise, swimming and group therapy were also implemented(More)
The correlation between osmolality and specific gravity of parenteral nutrition solutions containing various concentrations of amino acid and glucose were studied. There is good correlation between osmolality and specific gravity up to 1,000 mOsmol/kg H2O and 1.050, respectively. There are strong correlations between osmolality and amino acid concentration(More)
Ten obese children aged 8-13 years participated in a 4-week program of weight reduction. Dietary restriction of 800 kcal/day and mild exercise were the two features of the program. With this regimen the investigators expected that their lean body mass would be preserved while body fat would decrease. After the 4-week program, we found that those who were(More)
The investigators studied the height of adolescents in the age range of 12 to 18 years from 2 schools in Bangkok. Questionnaires asking their rates of organised exercise per week, of milk intake per day and their parental heights were given to a total of 545 male and 615 female students. The completed questionnaires were analyzed. We could categorize these(More)
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