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Breakthrough pain (BKP) is a transitory flare of pain that occurs on a background of relatively well controlled baseline pain. Previous surveys have found that BKP is highly prevalent among patients with cancer pain and predicts more severe pain, pain-related distress and functional impairment, and relatively poor quality of life. An international group of(More)
As part of a longitudinal prospective study we sought a self-completed instrument of symptom assessment suitable for a population of cancer patients who were receiving palliative therapy. The modified Edmonton Symptom Assessment System (ESAS) is such an instrument, but it required validation for this population. This study represents a validation of the(More)
The development of gastrointestinal obstruction commonly occurs as a complication of advanced gynecological cancer. While surgery remains the mainstay of treatment for these patients, it is not always feasible, and when it is performed, it does not always resolve the obstruction. In this prospective study of patients presenting to a gynecologic oncology(More)
The 1961 birth cohort of Tasmanians (n = 8410) was initially surveyed in 1968 and was followed up in 1974 for the history and presence of respiratory symptoms and signs. The study was designed to describe and compare the natural histories of wheeze and productive cough. In 1981 a 10% stratified random sample of the original cohort was again followed up and(More)
Ureteric obstruction is not an uncommon complication of malignant disease or its treatment. We describe the effectiveness of a corticosteroid in a patient with bilateral ureteric obstruction from metastatic colon cancer causing acute renal failure. We presume that the effectiveness was because of its activity in reducing edema related to the tumor. Other(More)
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