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According to myogenic models that relate abnormal EMG patterns to the experience of pain, lumbar paravertebral muscle activity has been considered to play an important role in chronic low back pain. In the present study, 40 chronic low back pain patients and 40 matched non-patient controls were compared on lumbar paravertebral EMG during mechanically(More)
The reliability of lumbar paravertebral EMG assessment was investigated in a sample of 70 patients with chronic low back pain, (CLBP). Dual-site EMG monitoring was employed during both static postures and movements. Flexion and rotation indices were divided to assess the reliability of patterning of paravertebral EMG during movement. Within-session(More)
We conducted a controlled study of the impact of an education program on the health outcomes and perceptions of patients with varying degrees of airway obstruction in two communities. In one community, patients with chronic obstructive airway disease (COAD) were identified, assessed and offered an educational program. In the other community, patients were(More)
The present study examined the reliability and validity of a daily activity diary for chronic pain patients. The diary assesses various postures and activities including time spent lying, sitting, or standing/walking, the use of pain relief devices, time spent in pain relief activities, and the use of analgesic medications. The methodology compared patient(More)
Many authors have recommended the development and use of automated recording devices as alternatives to self-report measures of activity patterns in chronic pain patients. An electromechanical device is described that can be used to measure downtime or uptime in chronic pain patients. This monitor has several advantages over mercury tilt-switch devices(More)
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