N. L. Matveev

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Background: This study was initiated to find a method of determining the prognosis for possible changes in hemodynamic and respiratory parameters in patients with pneumoperitoneum (PP). Methods: We devised a model for a pseudopneumoperitoneum (PPP), which is created by encircling the wide pneumochamber on the entire abdomen and inflating it to a preset(More)
The pharmacodynamical properties of the duck ovomucoid and its effect on the development of experimental pancreatitis in rats have been studied. It has been shown that after intravenous injection the ovomucoid initially accumulated in the liver, kidneys and blood, while after intraperitoneal injection--mainly in the pancreas and kidneys. The inhibitor is(More)
Small doses of an exogenous protein inhibitor of proteinases ovomucoid, isolated from duck egg-white, exhibited distinct therapeutic effects in acute pancreatitis of dogs. The inhibitor decreased the lethality rate and exceeded the base Kunitz trypsin inhibitor in its efficiency.
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