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Two visuospatial tasks, the WAIS Block Design and the Street Gestalt Completion Test, were administered to men and women with and without unilateral cerebral lesions. These two tasks represent different categories of visuospatial functions. The Street test is a visual-perceptual gestalt task, requiring the closure of fragmented pictures, whereas Block(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a causal model to examine the ways in which familial and social variables influence identity development in late adolescence. Four hundred and ten 18-to 21-year-old male and female college students at a large Midwestern university completed a questionnaire assessing familial security, familial and social relations,(More)
2 Louisiana State University School of Medicine, Surgery, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA 3Witham Memorial Hospital, Lebanon, Indiana, USA 4Herz Jesu, Vienna, AUSTRIA 5Policlinico Tor Vergata, Rome, ITALY 6Metabolic Clinical and Research Center, Los Angeles, California, USA 'Sapienza Universita di Roma, Rome, ITALY 8Higienopolis Medical Center, Sao Paulo,(More)
Although studies have found that treasured possessions function in developmentally significant ways for infants and young children, little research has focused on their meanings and functions during later life stages. The present study analyzes treasured possessions and their meanings in adolescence, including their relation to those treasured during early(More)
We describe the development and validation of the Relationship Self Inventory (RSI), which assesses 2 general self-orientations, (a) the Separate Self (SS) and (b) the Connected Self (CS), as well as two manifestations of connection, (a) Primacy of Other Care and (b) Self and Other Care. The CS reflects the importance of interconnectedness with others and a(More)
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