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Clinical assessment of accommodative facility, using +/- 2.00 diopter flippers monocularly, was performed in asymptomatic and symptomatic populations in either single test sessions or multiple daily test sessions. In single session results, there was a trend for the average accommodative flipper rate to decrease as symptom level increased. The cut-off(More)
The purpose of this paper will be to carefully examine the effectiveness of orthoptics as a viable treatment modality for strabismus. It will be necessary to first examine the scope of this problem and the significance of functional cure. A short discussion of perceptual and psychological effects will be included. A review of pertinent literature and an(More)
High incidence of developmental anomaly and tumor-like dysplasia of osteochondrous tissue of hind limbs has been detected in frogs and toads the larval development of which has taken place in water, contaminated with sewage. Correlation between frequency of dysplasia and the level of water oxidation has been noted. Study on histogenesis of the marked(More)
Multi-disciplinary evaluation of children with learning problems is necessary in many cases. The private optometrist frequently has psychological resources available to him and his patients. In an urban setting with an inner city patient population, the clinical practitioner has much difficulty in referring and in retrieving psychological data. The function(More)