N. L. Fernández-García

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In this paper we propose a novel approach towards shape matching for image retrieval. The system takes advantages of generalized Hough transform, as it works well in detecting arbitrary shapes even in the presence of gaps and in handling rotation, scaling and shift variations, and solves the heavy computational aspect by introducing a preliminary automatic(More)
The so-called split&shift (S&S) methodology has previously been introduced as an effective area saving technique for hardware implementation of cellular non-linear networks. This work provides the first experimental proof of such a methodology through a circuit implementation over an FPGA platform. Results of area, processing time and functionality(More)
The Edge detection technique plays very important role in computer vision systems. Edges define the boundaries between different regions in an image, which helps in matching the pattern, segment, and recognize an object. In many applications the overall performance of the system depends on the proper detection of the edges such as
A new method for obtaining optimal polygonal approximations in closed curves is proposed. The new method uses the suboptimal method proposed by Pikaz and an improved version of the optimal method proposed by Salotti. Firstly, the Pikaz’s method obtains a suboptimal polygonal approximation and then the improved Salotti’s method is used for obtaining many(More)
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