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This study determines whether a mathematical model can be used to assess noninvasively the extent of coronary artery disease (CAD). The model was based on stepwise multivariate discriminant analysis of data obtained in 99 patients from clinical and nonhemodynamic exercise variables, or from radionuclide determination of left ventricular function at rest or(More)
Twenty patients with refractory rest angina pectoris were treated with intravenously (IV) administered nitroglycerin (mean dosage, 72.4 micrograms/min; range, 15 to 226 micrograms/min). There was a considerable reduction or abolition in the number of ischemic episodes in 85% of patients without overall substantial changes in heart rate, mean arterial BP,(More)
A definite diagnosis of anterior myocardial infarction is often difficult to make in patients when a pattern of poor R wave progression in the precordial leads is present on the electrocardiogram. The purpose of this study was to determine whether a mathematical model could be devised to identify patients with anterior infarction among 102 consecutive(More)
Several noninvasive techniques, including radionuclide angiography and Doppler echocardiography, have attempted to measure the regurgitant volume in patients with mitral regurgitation; however, none of these techniques are entirely satisfactory. Utilizing a computerized light pen method for tracing the left atrial endocardial border during systole and(More)
A patient with carcinoid tumor of the lung associated with nephrotic syndrome was treated. Excision of the tumor resulted in remission of marked proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, and edema. A review of the literature disclosed many neoplasms associated with the nephrotic syndrome; however, no association of the nephrotic syndrome and a carcinoid tumor of the(More)
Calcification of the mitral annulus developed in a patient while undergoing dialysis. The rapid onset of events corresponded to the onset of end-stage renal failure and uncontrolled secondary hyperparathyroidism. Sequential echocardiograms verified the progression of calcification of the annulus as well as the valve. A new systolic and diastolic murmur and(More)
With two dimensional echocardiography, a left atrial mass was detected in 19 patients. Of these, 10 patients with rheumatic mitral stenosis had a left atrial thrombus. The distinctive two dimensional echocardiographic features of left atrial thrombus included a mass of irregular nonmobile laminated echos within an enlarged atrial cavity, usually with a(More)
To determine the relation between left ventricular performance during exercise and the extent of coronary artery disease, the results of exercise radionuclide ventriculography were analyzed in 65 patients who also underwent cardiac catheterization. A scoring system was used to quantitate the extent of coronary artery disease. This system takes into account(More)