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In this paper etiological and nosological concepts of the Renaissance medico, alchemist, philosopher, and theologist Theophrast von Hohenheim ("Paracelsus" (1493/94-1541)), concerning the "taubsucht [rage, fury]", the "mania", and contextual aspects, are shown. Paradigmatic oscillations between concepts of the present time and the views of Hohenheim are(More)
In a treatise "Liber de lunaticis Theophrasti" Paracelsus describes his view of "lunatici". These are men, inflicted by a psychopathological process, that gradually destroys their minds. He develops his argumentation on the base of iatroastrological, new-neoplatonistical and Christian thoughts. In his view man is a microcosm in macrocosm and a(More)
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