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BACKGROUND Those handling deceased individuals, including the funeral industry, face a variety of health and safety hazards including occupationally acquired infectious disease. AIMS To identify the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of Irish funeral industry workers towards occupational hazards and infectious disease in 2009. METHODS The sample analysed(More)
The story of the Irish Australian bushranger Ned Kelly has become paradigmatic for the selective retelling of history as folk legend, and for the ideological processes by which social memory may be reworked into the fabric of a nation's founding cultural myths. As John Ryan — among others — has pointed out, the 1880s, a period of radical nationalism in(More)
GROWING UP IN AUSTRALIA DURING THE NINETEEN-SEVENTIES, I became aware of the legendary bushranger Ned Kelly at an early age; stories of his exploits were taught in primary school, and children often emulated Kelly and his gang in the school playground. The story of Ned Kelly is an integral part of the Australian childhood. Long before learning other(More)
The death masks of executed criminals Ned Kelly, Dan Morgan, Franz Muller, John Weechurch, and Edward Pritchard are arguably the most well-known objects within the Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology at the University of Melbourne. Displayed in bays along the external wall of the museum’s exhibition space, the plaster casts of the faces and(More)
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