N. Katherine Hayles

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ion of market forces and global networks that its advocates make it out to be. Even financial transactions have concrete foundations and consequences—a materiality that Speculation attempted to foreground at every turn. At the start of the game, we did so through the distribution of repurposed and massively devalued Zimbabwe currency purchased on eBay—a(More)
Although there has long been a division in studies of consciousness between a focus on neuronal processes or conversely an emphasis on the ruminations of a conscious self, the long-standing split between mechanism and meaning within the brain was mirrored by a split without, between information as a technical term and the meanings that messages are commonly(More)
When I began writing How We Became Posthuman (1999), I was drawn to the topic in part because of the intense ambivalence I felt toward the idea of the posthuman. I thought, no doubt naively, that writing would help me resolve it. Far from overcoming mixed feelings, the writing intensified my emotions by bringing the issues into sharper focus. As David Gary(More)
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