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We assessed hemisphere function in right-handed male chronic schizophrenic patients using dichotic listening tests. We evaluated digit, tonic and transitional tests in patients with paranoid schizophrenia (n = 8), patients with disorganized schizophrenia (n = 8) and in control subjects (n = 8). The dichotic listening analysis discriminated between paranoid(More)
Cerebral deficits in schizophrenia have been associated either with left hemisphere dysfunction, or with impairment in interhemispheric transfer. To test the relative efficacy of the two hypotheses, 63 right-handed subjects (24 paranoid schizophrenics, 21 nonparanoid schizophrenics, and 18 normal controls) were given two auditory lateral tasks:(More)
The effect of lithium carbonate on lateralized cognitive functions was studied by asking a patient suffering from a manic-depressive disorder to repeatedly recognize a given series of digits delivered dichotically while varying the dosage of lithium carbonate intake. The data showed that, whereas digit recognition from the right ear (left hemisphere) was(More)
Tritiated [(16 alpha-ethyl-21-hydroxy-19-nor-pregn-4-ene-3,20-dione)-6,7-3H] (ORG-2058) and 17,21-dimethyl-19-nor-pregna-4,9-diene-3,20-dione (R5020) were compared as ligands in the assay of progesterone receptor in human and rat breast tumors. We found that ORG-2058 is a better ligand because of its low nonspecific binding. Most of the nonspecific binding(More)
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