N. Kapur

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Real-time fluid simulation is an active field of research in computer graphics, but they usually focus on visual impact rather than physical accuracy. However, by combining a lattice Boltzmann model with the parallel computing power of a graphics processing unit, both real-time compute capability and satisfactory physical accuracy are now achievable. The(More)
  • Weichao Wang, Geoffrey McCool, Neeti Kapur, Guang Yuan, Bin Shan, Matt Nguyen +5 others
  • 2012
Oxidation of nitric oxide (NO) for subsequent efficient reduction in selective catalytic reduction or lean NO(x) trap devices continues to be a challenge in diesel engines because of the low efficiency and high cost of the currently used platinum (Pt)-based catalysts. We show that mixed-phase oxide materials based on Mn-mullite (Sm, Gd)Mn(2)O(5) are an(More)
INTRODUCTION Primary extra osseous osteogenic sarcomas have been reported in many tissues of the body but their occurrence in the breast is extremely rare. It can arise as a result of osseous metaplasia in a pre-existing benign or malignant neoplasm of the breast. CASE PRESENTATION A 24 year-old young lady was diagnosed to have mass in right breast.Tru(More)
We describe a case of bilateral inhalation of barium in an infant following a barium swallow for investigation of dusky spells associated with feeds. A bronchoscopy subsequently revealed the presence of a mid-tracheal tracheo-esophageal cleft. To date, little has been reported on barium aspiration in children and there is no consensus for management. We(More)
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