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The Santa Maria River provides significant freshwater and coastal habitat in a semiarid region of central California, USA. We conducted a water and sediment quality assessment consisting of chemical analyses, toxicity tests, toxicity identification evaluations, and macroinvertebrate bioassessments of samples from six stations collected during four surveys(More)
The lower Santa Maria River watershed provides important aquatic habitat on the central California coast and is influenced heavily by agricultural runoff. As part of a recently completed water quality assessment, we conducted a series of water column and sediment toxicity tests throughout this watershed. Sediment from Orcutt Creek, a tributary that drains(More)
Compositionality is a property of natural language which is of prime importance: It enables humans to form and conceptualize potentially novel and complex ideas, by combining words. On the other hand, the symbol grounding problem examines the way meaning is anchored to entities external to language, such as sensory percepts and sensory-motor routines. In(More)
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