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This paper presents a current-fed full-bridge boost DC-AC-DC converter with transformer isolation operating without switching power dissipation. The output voltage is regulated by dc-ac converter whose frequency changes with a constant turn-off time of transistors. The proposed converter is devoid of parasitic oscillations, as all of the parasitic(More)
Stator current drift compensation of induction motor based on RBF neural network is proposed here. In vector control of induction motor decoupling of speed and rotor flux equations and their simultaneous control are used to achieve the highest efficiency and fast dynamic performance. The highest efficiency is reached when the proper flux is selected and as(More)
In this paper, sensor drift compensation of vector control of induction motor using neural network is presented. An induction motor is controlled based on vector control. The sensors sense the primary feedback signals for the feedback control system which is processed by the controller. Any fault in the sensors cause incorrect measurements of feedback(More)
In this paper, the implementation of DSP algorithms on FPGA devices are taken into consideration and the FFT spectral analysis as a real time application was tested in MATLAB System Generator. It integrates two separate fields Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI). The structure and chronological procedure followed focuses(More)
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