N. K. Russell

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The objective of this study was to describe factors associated with imprisonment of female injecting drug users (IDUs) and to assess if female IDUs who have been in prison have different HIV risk behaviours when compared to females IDUs who have never been incarcerated. A seroepidemiological survey was conducted of 304 female IDUs recruited in outreach and(More)
Patient education objectives are included as a strategy in every health promotion area addressed in Healthy People 2000. The likelihood of accomplishing these objectives is linked to the accuracy of the baseline estimates of practice. These estimates have most usually relied upon patient and physician reports. However, the accuracy of these reports has been(More)
BACKGROUND In the light of rising human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) incidence rates amongst women in Western Europe, a multicentred, cross-sectional study was undertaken to explore the multitude of possible factors associated with HIV in a population of female injecting drug users (IDU). METHODS Face-to-face interviews were conducted with 1198 female IDU(More)
It is now twenty years >incc J,II~CS Wr~tson published his personal account of the discovery of the structure of DSd4 ,Ind triggered the grooving scholllrly study of the roots of molecular biology.’ Wstson himself ~~1s not concerned mfith the study of nucleic acids before he becnme directly involved but at lmst three detailed histories of the early(More)
BACKGROUND While the distribution of cholesterol levels have been well studied in the general population, little is known about cholesterol and other cardiovascular disease risk factors in screenings held in an urban Black community. This study was designed to determine the yield of cholesterol screening in this community. METHODS Screening took place in(More)
The distinguished record of the Willard Gibbs Lecture is more than enough to place a newcomer upon his mettle. In accepting the kind invitation of your President to add my contribution to the list, I must warn my hearers, as I warned him, that you will not hear today such a masterly discussion of major contributions made by your speaker as you have heard(More)
BACKGROUND Simulated patients are used with increased frequency for medical students and residents, but have not been used very often with practicing physicians. We hypothesized that educational materials could improve primary care physicians sexual practices history taking and counseling as assessed by a simulated patient in the physician's office. (More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether office-based interventions increase primary care physicians' risk assessment of and counseling practices for patients regarding sexually transmitted diseases and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). DESIGN Randomized controlled clinical trial. SETTING Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Statistical Area. STUDY PARTICIPANTS(More)