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Sixty-one species of grassflies (Diptera, Chloropidae) have been found in the meadows in the middle Lena valley, Central Yakutia. Differences between the grassfly taxocenoses of different parts of the valley depend on specific features of a particular plant community. The dominant and subdominant chloropid species are distinguished. The differences of the(More)
Culex pipiens molestus has been distributed in Siberia and the Russian Far East since 80s of XX century. In early 90s, C. p. molestus reached South Yakutia (Nerungri city), and nowadays it occurs in South-West Yakutia (Lensk city). The number of breeding places with larvae and pupae of mosquitoes was not numerous in Lensk; among 56 examined houses, the(More)
A cytogenetic study of eight natural populations of Anopheles messeae from the north-eastern part of the species areal was conducted. Complete predominance of homozygotes XL11 and 3R11 in the northern populations was observed. Change in the chromosome 2 inversion frequencies from south northwards was shown. The 2R11 variant, which was not observed in the(More)
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