N. K. Mehta

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Agents are autonomous and computational entities that perceive their environment through sensors and act upon their environment through effectors. Application of agents in simulation of manufacturing system helps in modelling the concurrent behaving entities close to the real system. A manufacturing agent should be modelled to impart the required(More)
Abdulwahed Khalfan, (2003) "A case analysis of business process outsourcing project failure profile and implementation problems in large organisation of a developing nation", (2009) "A business process outsourcing framework based on business process management and knowledge management", Business Process Management Journal, (Vol. 15, pg.845 – 864.) Easterlin(More)
The Sso7d protein from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus is an attractive binding scaffold because of its small size (7 kDa), high thermal stability (Tm of 98 °C), and absence of cysteines and glycosylation sites. However, as a DNA-binding protein, Sso7d is highly positively charged, introducing a strong specificity constraint for(More)
This paper discusses the experimental investigation to find out the optimal electrolyte composition in improving the surface quality of the gear teeth profile during surfacing finishing of bevel gears by the electrochemical honing process. In this study, AISI 1040 was used as the workpiece material, mixtures of sodium chloride and sodium nitrate in(More)
This paper presents the micro-finishing of bevel gears by electrochemical-mechanical finishing (ECMF) process under different experimental conditions of current, rotating speed of workpiece and electrolyte concentration. These different experimental conditions are planned on the basis of box behnken design (BBD) design of experiments (DOE) technique of(More)