N K Landshman

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In a group of chickens studied after lid suture in the first month post hatching an unusually high myopia was found (n = 8 eyes; average: -21.87 Diopters). The non-operated eyes of these chicks had the same optical properties (n = 4; +0.93 Diopters) as the eyes of the normal control chicks (n = 12; +0.81 Diopters). Although enlargement of the whole eye(More)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa elastase is a zinc metalloendopeptidase, probably responsible for the tissue destruction observed during infections with this organism. The elastase of a virulent Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain (Habs serotype 1) was isolated and found to have a molecular weight of 35,000; it readily degraded elastin and cartilage proteoglycans. A(More)
The corneal endothelium of man, primates and carnivores has limited regenerative ability. Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) stimulates the proliferation of various mesoderm-derived cells, including corneal endothelial cells, in vitro. In the present work the effect of FGF on the regeneration of injured cat endothelium in vivo was studied. Scraping of cat(More)
The pattern of cell division of the corneal endothelium of cats was studied during the first week following scraping of 35.2% to 38.3% of the endothelial cells. A small number of mitoses were found 2 days after scraping (mean +/- SD, 8.2 +/- 6.1 per cornea); the number peaked during the third and the fourth days (148.5 +/- 74.5 and 206.8 +/- 40.1,(More)
Cat corneal endothelium was damaged by a methylmethacrylate segment introduced into the anterior chamber. Within 3 to 6 months after each such operation the endothelial cell density (ECD) diminished, ranging from 1933 to as low as 450 (78% to 16%, respectively, of its preoperative value [PV]). Decrease in the ECD to between 1050 and 1150 (40%-45% of PV)(More)
We produced alkali burns (1.5 N NaOH) in the right eyes of 63 mice. Three weeks later the left eye of each mouse was similarly burned. All eyes were followed up weekly for 4 weeks after the burn and were graded according to the severity of the lesion. The lesions developed much faster and were more severe in the left eyes. These results suggest that the(More)
BACKGROUND Anterior segment surgery is frequently complicated by damage to the corneal endothelium. We examined the effects of corticosteroids, which are widely used for the suppression of postoperative inflammation, on the process of endothelial cell regeneration. METHODS The effect of corticosteroids on healing of the corneal endothelium was examined in(More)