N. K. Karthikeyan

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A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is an autonomous system of mobile nodes with routing capabilities connected by wireless links, the union of which forms a communication network modeled in the form of an arbitrary graph. The vision of Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is wireless internet, where users can move anywhere anytime and still remaining connected with(More)
Problem statement: Network wide broadcasting is an important function in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET), which attempts to deliver packets from a source node to all other nodes in the network. Broadcasting is often very useful for route discovery, naming, addressing and helping multicast operations in all kinds of networks. For designing broadcast protocols(More)
Steganalysis is an important extension to existing security infrastructure, and is gaining more research focus of forensic investigators and information security researchers. This paper reports the design principles and evaluation results of a new experimental blind image steganalysing system. This work approaches the steganalysis task as a pattern(More)
Recently 304 stainless steel finds many applications like Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear, Chemical and Cryogenics. The cylindrical grinding parameters on 304 stainless steel are conducted using Taguchi design of experiments of L9 orthogonal array was selected with 3 levels with 3 factors and output parameter of Surface Roughness is measured. The quality of(More)
The demands for the network usage are increasing day by day. During their lifetime, multihop wireless mesh networks (WMNs) experience frequent link failures caused by channel interference, dynamic obstacles, and/or applications' bandwidth demands, which may degrade the system performance. This paper presents an autonomous network reconfiguration system(More)
Though significant improvement in communication infrastructure has been attained in the mobile network technology, the issues concerning the optimized bandwidth allocation to different applications in a reasonable time remain challenging and need to be solved. Also varying mobility and various service class requirements of present multimedia applications(More)
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