N K Flerova

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Investigation of the minimal and the optimal capasity of the Vi-antigen sorption in erythrocytes was carried out in partners of 11 pairs of monozygotic and 8 pairs of dizygotic twins. It is shown that the capacity of erythrocytes to sorb Vi-antigen in minimal concentrations (Smin) is under relatively rigid genetic control (G = 0.84), while the capacity of(More)
The study of the adsorption capacity of erythrocytes in 4 strains of mice was made. According to the results of the determination of the background capacity of erythrocytes, the strains of mice, opposite with respect to the sorption of S. typhi Vi- and O-antigens, were selected. After the immunization of these mice with the killed culture of S. typhi, the(More)
Blood sera of persons, who sustained cholera of different degree of severity, and of vibrio-carriers, and also chromatographic fractions obtained in separation of the mentioned sera on DEAE-cellulose were investigated in the reaction of agglutination and the indirect hemagglutination test. Immunological response in the vibrio carriers was realized by the(More)
The ability of erythrocytes to absorb Vi-antigen at optimal (Sopt) and minimal (Smin) sensitizing doses in 52 patients suffering from enteric fever and 61 healthy individuals was studied. Smin has been found to be independent of ABO phenotype of both ill and healthy individuals. At the same time Sopt is considerably reduced in patients having A blood group(More)
Experiments on inbred mice, opposite in the capacity of their erythrocytes for the sorption of S. typhi antigens, have revealed that the intensity of immune response to the antigens depends on the functional potency of immunocompetent cells and the conditions of their priming. The optimal manifestations of the conditions for lymphocyte priming depends on(More)
The accumulation of Vi-antigen in the human body was studied with the use of such characteristic as the specific adsorption capacity of red blood cells. This parameter was shown to depend on the phenotype in the ABO blood group system. In cases of typhoid fever an increase in the adsorption capacity of red blood cells was observed at the acute period of the(More)
The authors studied the quantitative content of nonspecific immunoglobulins and antibodies of the IgG-, IgA-, and IgM-classes to the O-antigen of the cholera vibrio. There proved to be no marked dynamics of the quantitative immunoglobulins indices of various classes established at periods from the 3rd and the 18th day from the beginning of the disease in(More)
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