N. K. Choudhari

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The register-exchange method (REM) and the trace-back method (TBM) are the two well known methods for survivor path storage and decoding. The REM is logically simple, but it requires large power consumption and large chip area. The TBM is the preferred method used in Viterbi decoders (VD) having large constraint length and high performance. However, the TBM(More)
This work proposes the low power implementation of Viterbi Decoder. Majority of viterbi decoder designs in the past use simple Register Exchange or Traceback method to achieve very high speed and low power decoding respectively, but it suffers from both complex routing and high switching activity. Here simplification is made in survivor memory unit by(More)
Most of the adhoc routing protocol research work has been done using simulation only because of the difficulty of creating real implementation. In simulation the developer controls the whole system, which is in effect only a single component. An Implementation, on the other hand, needs to interoperate with a large complex system and the system components.(More)
Angiocentric gliomas are pediatric low-grade gliomas (PLGGs) without known recurrent genetic drivers. We performed genomic analysis of new and published data from 249 PLGGs, including 19 angiocentric gliomas. We identified MYB-QKI fusions as a specific and single candidate driver event in angiocentric gliomas. In vitro and in vivo functional studies show(More)
Here we introduce a new cocept of decoding, Minimum Transition Hybrid Register Exchnge Method (MTHREM) for implementation of Viterbi Decoder. There are two well known methods for survivor path storage and decoding, the Traceback(TB) and Register Exchange Method (REM). The REM is logically simple, but it will consume large power and area, due to huge(More)
Establishing Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) for precision agriculture has become need of time now but few challenges like energy, reliability, cost etc. need to overcome and serve the application in most efficient manner. Considering advantage of open space i.e. Line of Sight (LOS) in agriculture fields and solar presence this paper proposes the novel(More)
This paper describes various methods of non-destructive testing to study properties of coal. Non-destructive techniques have been used almost exclusively for detection of macroscopic defects in existing structures. It is practical and cost effective to expand the role of non-destructive evaluation and can be included in all phases of material production.(More)
Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration (DPR) of FPGAs presents many opportunities for application design flexibility, enabling tasks to dynamically swap in and out of the FPGA without entire system interruption. In this thesis, we have implemented a line follower robot for the white line as well as for black line, both these modules are programmed in VHDL. The(More)