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In turkey erythrocytes bidirectional fluxes of sodium and potassium develop a time-dependent refractoriness to stimulation by endogenous cyclic adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate (cyclic AMP). The refractoriness of potassium influx and potassium outflux (both of which require extracellular sodium and potassium for stimulation by cyclic AMP) depends on the(More)
In turkey erythrocytes, potassium influx can be inhibited by several cations whose order of effectiveness is Rb greater than Cs greater than Li greater than Mg = Ca = Ba. Extracellular sodium does not alter potassium influx. Sodium influx is not altered by any of these monovalent cations but magnesium, calcium, or barium reduced sodium influx by 30 to 40%.(More)
Small bone volumes, porous and irregular structured objects with volumes 0.05-2 cm3, were measured by differential pressure of displaced air. The differential air pressure was measured by a piezoelectric resistor pressure gauge. The gas-displacement system was used to measure the volumes of 234 bone specimens for calculation of bone density. The operation(More)
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