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The effect of electrode placement on cardiovascular responses was studied. Rate pressure product and diastolic blood pressure before anesthesia and 30 s after electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) seizure were recorded. Recordings were made at the first (threshold ECT) session in 124 bilateral ECT (BLECT) and 95 unilateral ECT (ULECT) consenting patients.(More)
AIMS This study attempted to determine the effects of continued care on subjects with alcohol dependence. MATERIALS AND METHODS Study patients were recruited from a slum in Bangalore. The control group comprised individuals from a lower socio-economic status. Both groups received identical treatment from a specialised de-addiction facility. The study(More)
Seizure thresholds were determined by titration in consecutive electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) patients at the first (n = 146) and sixth (N = 83) ECT sessions. Equations to predict the threshold at the first and sixth ECT were computed from these data using a stepwise linear regression model. These equations were tested prospectively at the first ECT (n =(More)
BACKGROUND Measures of EEG during ECT, for example, smaller post-seizure fractal dimension have predicted antidepressant response. The earlier study on this subject used bilateral ECT. This study aims to examine if this finding holds good even for unilateral ECT, using both fractal dimension and spectral power analysis of EEG. METHODS Fifty-one(More)
Research on determinants of ECT seizure threshold is inadequate. In view of differences in ECT populations and confounding factors, there is a need for examining this in our population. Consecutive consenting inpatients (N=100), referred for bilateral (BL) ECT by treating psychiatrists at National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences Hospital,(More)
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