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One of the fundamental purpose of sensing information is to immediately respond to any anomalies. In order to make an accurate and cognizant decision, there is a great need for a fault-tolerant wireless sensor network. In this paper, we evaluate two categories of dual-homed routing for providing fault-tolerance in wireless sensor networks, namely dedicated(More)
Retrieval of images based on visual features such as color, texture and shape have proven to have it's own set of limitations under different conditions. Various techniques have been implemented using these features like fuzzy color histogram, Tamura texture etc. In this paper we propose a novel method with highly accurate and retrieval efficient approach(More)
Language Identification is the task of identifying language spoken from unknown user. The main objective is to achieve accurate results in shortest speech segments by using automatic Language Identification system. It works on language classification that involves new language rapid learning identities and reduce the computational complexity. MFCC, GFCC,(More)
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