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Differentiation between Neotropical rainforest, dry forest, and savannah ecosystems by their modern pollen spectra and implications for the fossil pollen record Journal Article How to cite: Gosling, William D.; Mayle, Francis E.; Tate, Nicholas J. and Killeen, Timothy J. (2009). Differentiation between Neotropical rainforest, dry forest, and savannah(More)
8 State of the art reviews of remote sensing change detection are becoming increasingly complicated and 9 disparate due to an ever growing list of techniques, algorithms and methods. To provide a clearer, synoptic 10 view of the field this review has organised the literature by the unit of analysis and the comparison method 11 used to identify change. This(More)
The increasing global coverage of high resolution/large-scale digital elevation data has allowed the study of geomorphological form to receive renewed attention by providing accessible datasets for the characterisation and quantification of land surfaces. Digital elevation models (DEMs) provide quantitative elevation data, but it is the characterisation and(More)
All digital data contain error and many are uncertain. Digital models of elevation surfaces consist of files containing large numbers of measurements representing the height of the surface of the earth, and therefore a proportion of those measurements are very likely to be subject to some level of error and uncertainty. The collection and handling of such(More)
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