N. J. Pilgrim

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The design, modeling, fabrication, and characterization of single-photon avalanche diode detectors with an epitaxial Ge absorption region grown directly on Si are presented. At 100 K, a single-photon detection efficiency of 4% at 1310 nm wavelength was measured with a dark count rate of ∼6 megacounts/s, resulting in the lowest reported noiseequivalent power(More)
Two problems in the self-consistent, electrothermal co-simulation of nanoscale devices, are discussed. It is shown that the construction of dynamic compact thermal models for nanoscale devices, based on solution of the hyperbolic (wavelike) heat transport equation, can follow essentially the same approach as the authors’ analytical thermal impedance matrix(More)
We have observed multiple oscillations in a planar Gunn diode fabricated using an AlGaAs/GaAs based quantum well structure. The material used was grown by molecular beam epitaxy and devices were made using electron beam lithography. The devices had a 4µm cathode-anode distance and 60µm width. They showed multiple oscillations at 29GHz, 33GHz(More)
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