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Between July 24 and Aug. 19, 1974, an outbreak of pyrogenic reactions occurred in patients at a private haemodialysis centre in a suburb of Washington, D.C. 49 reactions characterised by chills, fever, and hypotension occurred in twenty-three of the seventy patients dialysed during this period. No infections could be documented in any of the affected(More)
The chapter focuses on knowledge management and on knowledge sharing in particular. It is based on a study of a wide range of management consulting firms in Denmark. The purpose of the study has been to gain a more profound understanding of what constitutes knowledge sharing in practice. What does knowledge sharing imply? What are the organizational and(More)
Most-probable-number (MPN) and membrane filtration (mF) techniques were evaluated with respect to selectivity, sensitivity, and efficiency in recovering Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains in hospital fluids and extramural water environments. Known numbers of cells of a naturally occurring strain of P. aeruginosa maintained in distilled water or cells(More)
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