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This paper presents a hardware implementation of a sound localization algorithm that localizes a single sound source by using the information gathered by two separated microphones. This is achieved through estimating the time delay of arrival (TDOA) of sound at the two microphones. We have used a TDOA algorithm known as the "phase transform" to minimize the(More)
We consider a hypothetical dimensionless robot operating in an unknown, obstacle-ridden planar environment. The robot is capable of rotational and translational motion, and is equipped with a limited sensor suite that includes a single short-range monocular obstacle sensor and finite-range target sensor. A purely analog robotic motion control scheme is(More)
This paper investigates the application of multimedia security principles for the protection of emerging distributed sensor networks (DSNs). The authors assert that for DSNs to be successfully deployed in a variety of applications, security development must become an inherent part of the overall DSN system design process. In particular, we argue that(More)
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