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The effects of age and gender on cerebellar size have not been established yet. To understand these effects, the area of cerebellar vermis and the volume of cerebellum were measured using serial magnetic resonance images of 124 Korean adults free of neurologic symptoms and signs. Cerebellar volume of male was significantly larger than that of female,(More)
SUMMARY In this study, in order to evaluate the feasibility and outcomes of simultaneous bilateral carotid artery stenting (CAS) with the use of neuroprotection in symptomatic patients, we conducted a retrospective analysis of 27 patients (19 men, eight women; median age, 69.2 years), all of whom had been scheduled to undergo bilateral CAS in a single(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE High-resolution MR imaging has recently been introduced as a promising diagnostic modality in intracranial artery disease. Our aim was to compare high-resolution MR imaging with digital subtraction angiography for the characterization and diagnosis of various intracranial artery diseases. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-seven patients(More)
Advanced liver disease and portal hypertension may produce various intrathoracic complications that involve the pleural space, lung parenchyma, and pulmonary circulation. Dyspnea and arterial hypoxemia are the common clinical symptoms and signs in patients with such complications. In these patients, intrathoracic complications most often develop during the(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to define the range of abnormalities and to assess the contribution of high-resolution CT (HRCT) in the evaluation of miliary tuberculosis involving the lung parenchyma. MATERIALS AND METHODS The authors retrospectively reviewed HRCT scans of 11 patients with microbiologically or clinically proved miliary(More)
AIMS To investigate the probiotic properties of Bacillus polyfermenticus SCD such as their adherence to Caco-2 cells and anticarcinogenic effects on human colon cancer cells and rat colon cancer carcinogenesis. METHODS AND RESULTS The cell surface hydrophobicity and cell agglutination of B. polyfermenticus SCD was 64.04 +/- 1.25% and 297.3 +/- 8.7 mg(More)
The severity of Listeria monocytogenes infections emphasizes the need for prevention or elimination of the pathogen from dairy products. Lactococcus lactis KC24, isolated from kimchi, exhibited an antimicrobial effect against food pathogens, including L. monocytogenes ATCC 15313. Lactococcus lactis KC24 was cultured in a 5-L jar fermenter at 35°C, and(More)
We present a rare case of petrous apicitis initiated by middle ear inflammation in a diabetic patient with multiple cranial neuropathies for early diagnosis of this potentially life-threatening condition. The lesion appeared as opacification of middle ear, petrous apex with aggressive bony destruction on CT and diffuse petrosal T(1) hypointensity with(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac progenitor cells (CPCs) derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) can multiply and generate cardiomyocytes, offering their tremendous potential for cardiac regenerative therapy. However, poor survival under stressful conditions is a major hurdle in the regeneration. We investigated whether isoflurane-induced preconditioning can(More)
The present study was designed to characterize the modulatory effects of the constituents of Gastrodia elata and their analogues on the GABAergic neurotransmission. 4-Hydroxybenzaldehyde (1) and 4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde (4) inhibited potently the activity of GABA transaminase (IC(50) = 4.1 and 5.4 microg/ml, respectively), while the activity of(More)