N J Hodson-Walker

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The abdominal muscles not only constitute a multidirectional cinch that holds the abdominal contents in place, but they also determine the flexion and rotational movements of the trunk. The rectus is mainly responsible for flexion and the obliques are responsible for rotating the trunk. It is therefore important to maintain the tone and direction of pull of(More)
The literature is reviewed to ascertain the values and dangers of safety belts. They are said to reduce the risk of major or fatal injury in impacts by nearly 60%. An incidence of abdominal trauma of the order of 0.5% is ascribed to the safety belt, and in addition there is a low incidence of a specific type of spinal fracture. The safety belt has not been(More)
In the authors' opinion there is no physical reason for a waiting period after total mastectomy before the breast is reconstructed. If the duration of the patient's survival is limited, the sooner the breast is reconstructed the better. The authors do not use silicone implants that may be blamed for the appearance of recurrent tumour but reconstruct the(More)
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