N. J. Doran

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Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) has been long sought as the ultimate solution to satisfy the demand for broadband access in the foreseeable future, and offer distance-independent data rate within access network reach. However, currently deployed FTTP networks have in most cases only replaced the transmission medium, without improving the overall architecture,(More)
A number of critical issues for dual-polarization single- and multi-band optical orthogonal-frequency division multiplexing (DP-SB/MB-OFDM) signals are analyzed in dispersion compensation fiber (DCF)-free long-haul links. For the first time, different DP crosstalk removal techniques are compared, the maximum transmission-reach is investigated, and the(More)
We present a novel differential phase shift keying receiver design under strong optical filtering. The receiver design is based on asymmetrical filtering at the destructive port of the Mach Zehnder Interferometer. The asymmetrical filtered receiver design can significantly increase performance by 2 to 4.7dB in calculated “Q”.
In this paper, we compare the nonlinear Shannon capacity of few-mode fibre systems operating with spatial-temporal digital signal processing to the nonlinear Shannon capacity of single-mode fibre systems operating with spectral-temporal digital signal processing. Combining these results with estimates of digital signal processing complexity for each option(More)
A novel low-cost photonic PON-to-RoF bridge is presented, allowing simultaneous wireline and wireless multi-Gbps data transmission with minor impact on deployed PON networks. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme does not require narrow-linewidth lasers when envelope detector mobile terminals are used, since the transmission performance is not(More)