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In linear communication channels, spectral components (modes) defined by the Fourier transform of the signal propagate without interactions with each other. In certain nonlinear channels, such as the one modelled by the classical nonlinear Schrödinger equation, there are nonlinear modes (nonlinear signal spectrum) that also propagate without interacting(More)
Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) has been long sought as the ultimate solution to satisfy the demand for broadband access in the foreseeable future, and offer distance-independent data rate within access network reach. However, currently deployed FTTP networks have in most cases only replaced the transmission medium, without improving the overall architecture,(More)
With the goal of reducing the number of operations required for digital backward-propagation used for fiber impairment compensation, wavelet-based filtering is presented. The wavelet-based design relies on signal decomposition using time-limited basis functions and hence is more compatible with the dispersion operator, which is also time-limited. This is in(More)
A new end to end architecture based on Long-Reach Passive Optical Network (LR-PON) with wireless integration, a distributed core built of optical transparency islands and an OpenFlow-based control plane, which is being developed in the EU project DISCUS, is described in this paper. The main technological advances and the network modelling and optimization(More)
We demonstrate a novel subcarrier coding scheme combined with pre-EDC for fibre nonlinearity mitigation in CO-OFDM, showing that a performance improvement of 1.5 dB can be achieved in a 150 Gb/s BPSK PDM CO-OFDM transmission. Introduction It is well known that the nonlinear distortion due to the Kerr effect is a major limiting factor in high speed optical(More)