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Our first aim was to compare 111In-labeled Amberlite IR-12OP resin pellets and 131I-labeled fiber in the assessment of gastric and small bowel transit and colonic filling in healthy humans. Both radiolabels were highly stable for 3 h in an in vitro stomach model and remained predominantly bound to solid phase of stools collected over 5 days [90.5 +/- 2.1(More)
The inherent variability of symptoms and motor abnormalities in patients with the irritable bowel syndrome has hampered the demonstration of motor abnormalities that could underlie symptoms. The aim in the current study was to evaluate whether altered regional capacitance or transit of solid residue through the unprepared human gut were factors in the(More)
The aim of this study was to assess if infusion of oleic acid into the ileal pouch would slow gastric emptying and small-bowel transit, delay defecation, and increase plasma levels of enteroglucagon, neurotensin, or peptide YY in patients with colectomy and ileal pouch-anal anastomosis. Eight subjects with chronic ulcerative colitis who had undergone the(More)
Mesalamine (5-aminosalicylic acid), a topically administered anti-inflammatory agent, is effective treatment by enema for distal ulcerative colitis; it lacks many of the side effects of orally administered sulfasalazine. In this study, we determined the colonic distribution of a 60-ml mesalamine enema in eight patients (five women and three men, 18 to 48(More)
A new strategy for characterisation of airborne uranium contamination based on ICP mass spectrometric analysis of tree bark is described. The uranium content of tree barks (50 samples) obtained from diverse locations (remote, rural, industrial) varied over almost four orders of magnitude (0.001-8.3 micrograms/g U) with maximum concentrations recorded in the(More)
Our aims were to measure gastric and small bowel transit of radiolabeled chow or liquids in rats and to assess the effect of pharmacologically induced chronic sympathectomy of at least 5 weeks duration. Three series of experiments were performed. In series I, four rats in each group underwent i.p. chloral hydrate anesthesia, tracheostomy with intubation and(More)
The concept of back wave propagation (BWP) is developed as inversion method to estimate ocean geoacoustic parameters where the source location is known. A phase-regulated technique is introduced to increase the sensitivity of the method for low sensitive geoacoustic model parameters. We show theoretically that we can increase the sensitivity by a(More)
  • B. MerÍı́n, J.-C. Augereau, +16 authors N. Chapman
  • 2006
We announce the discovery of SST-Lup3-1, a very low mass star close to the brown dwarf boundary in Lupus III with a circum(sub)stellar disk, discovered by the ''Cores to Disks'' Spitzer Legacy Program from mid-infrared, with very conspicuous crystalline silicate features in its spectrum. It is the first of such objects with a full 5Y35 m spectrum taken with(More)
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