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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of TMJ dysfunction on the recording of centric relation. Centric relation was recorded using an anterior occlusal stop and by bimanual manipulation. Changes in occlusal contacts were recorded before and after occlusal splint therapy in six subjects with TMJ dysfunction. The pantographic reproducibility(More)
Control of occlusal contacts is important to the success of restorative dentistry. Tooth surface loss can contribute to a loss of stability in the occlusion. An occlusal splint is often part of pre-restorative management and can also have a valuable role in protecting both teeth and restorations from excessive loads and further wear.
This paper describes the clinical and laboratory stages necessary to ensure the occlusal precision of fixed restorations. The important diagnostic stages, including elimination of mandibular dysfunction, the occlusal analysis and waxing of diagnostic casts, and the diagnostic use of provisional restorations, are outlined. The importance of having the(More)
An indirect method to locate the first tooth contacts in centric relation was described in this study. Mounted casts with an associated table and styli were used to locate the position of contact points in three planes. The method was tested using the anterior occlusal stop with chin point guidance and bimanual manipulation for recording centric relation.(More)
Obtaining an accurate interocclusal record for mounting working casts on an articulator is one of the most important procedures in determining the occlusal precision of restorations. This paper reviews the literature, describes some of the principles involved in making an interocclusal record, and illustrates practical techniques that may be used in a(More)
Intra-oral fracture of metal-ceramic restorations sometimes occurs when clinical and laboratory techniques have been inadequate. Removal and refabrication of the prosthesis is the ideal solution, but may not always be practical. Recently, several products have been marketed for expediting the repair of fractured restorations in the mouth. This study(More)
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