N. J. Berg

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In a previous paper', we described the effects of transient ionizing radiation on passive surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices and also the permanent displacement damage resulting from high-energy nuclear radiation on the operation of a SAW monolithic amplifier. This paper will conclude the study of the effects of transient ionizing radiation on SAW devices(More)
report we note the possibility of achieving comparable improvement of the intensity and frequency stability of existing unmodified GW lasers by use of a single acoustooptic modulator in the external laser beam. An external acoustooptic Bragg-scattering cell can perform simultaneously three useful functions : 1. Modulation of the acoustic field strength(More)
Tellurium, Se, and S are high-viscosity materials. For example, typical viscosity of Se at just above the melting point is 22.64 poise [3]. Clean holes were created in Se thin films. In Te thin films, the hole shape was not clean enough due to formation of small Te balls in and around the hole. However, addition of As or a small amount of Ge to Te resulted(More)
[ 131 H. Taub and D. L. Schilling, Prirrciplei of Comntut~icutrom . ’ $ L : Y / P ~ . Theory utrd Applicutror~s. New York: Academic Press, 1967, pp. New York: McGraw-Hill. 1971. pp. 224-227. 378-380. 18-23. 1141 R. C. Dixon. Spreud Spec,frunz SrJfems. New York: Wiley. 1976. [l71 A. K. Jain and R. K. Marston. “Surface acoustic wave apparatus,” p , 235. US(More)
Pulsed ionizing radiation was found to degrade for several hundred microseconds the RF output of most of the separated-medium SAW convolvers that were investigated. A model, involving interface traps, is proposed which accounts for most of the observed effects, including those on one of the devices operating in the "memory" mode.
burst of SAW at 140 MHz. This device, with a bandwidth of 20 MHz, has demonstrated the correlation of waveforms with lengths to 10 ms, providing a potential correlation gain in excess of 50 dB. The integration time can be varied from 100 ps to 10 msec by illuminating the diode array during the integration period, thus providing control of the maximum(More)
Results are reported of an experimental study of the effects of neutron radiation on five different types of surface acoustic wave (SAW) convolver. A general model for the operation of a SAW convolver is described, and the varying effects of the neutron radiation on the five convolver types are explained in terms of this model. The diode-tapped delay line(More)
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