N. Iwasaki

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In previous studies of fingertip forces during precision grip in subjects with Parkinson's disease (PD), we observed regular oscillations in isometric force. The present study characterizes the nature of these oscillations. Fingertip forces were recorded from the index finger and thumb during precision grip-lifts with a 300 g and 900 g object in 10 subjects(More)
Six subjects with writer's cramp and six healthy control subjects were examined while lifting a small instrumented object with variable weight and friction using the precision grip. The isometric grip and load forces were sampled at 400 Hz and stored in a flexible laboratory computer system for later analysis. Quantitative measurement of vibration and(More)
The extracellular electrical response (ocellar potential, OP) and K+ activity changes to light were measured in the planarian ocellus by conventional and double-barreled ion-selective microelectrodes. The OP evoked by a 0.5 sec light flash is a simple monophasic potential, which is sustained during long-term illumination. The spectral sensitivity of the OP(More)
Internodal cells of a brackish water charophyte, Lamprothamnium succinctum, regulate turgor pressure in response to changes in external osmotic pressure by modifying vacuolar concentrations of KCl. An increase in cytosolic concentration of free Ca(2+) ([Ca(2+)](c)) is necessary for the progress of turgor regulation induced by hypotonic treatment. Initial(More)
Aim of this study was to investigate effects of space thickness and consistency of wash materials on sulcus depth reproduction with silicone impressions, low (L), medium (M), and very high consistency (VH), using two-step putty-wash technique. Impressions were taken from truncated cones with 50-, 100-, or 200-μm-wide sulci, using the combinations L+VH or(More)
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