N. Ivanescu

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A new method in medicine for detecting and investigating the illness like breast cancer is the Infrared Thermographic Imaging. An infrared thermal camera takes a temperature map of human body. The exact localization of specific areas from 2-dimensions thermal map is difficult and implies an invasive intervention of medicine doctors. In order to automate(More)
The paper describes a scientific project aiming to build up an R&D collaboration portal and communication platform for robot integration in on demand, flexible manufacturing structures and hands-on team training. The project offer a solution to control remotely a fault tolerant robotized manufacturing cell. The platform is a software product designed to(More)
The paper describes a holonic control solution for fault-tolerant job shop assembly with networked robots, based on the dynamic simulation of material processing and transportation. The designed holarchy considers the PROSA reference architecture, and was implemented by help of an object oriented step scheduler (off-line production planning, failure- and(More)
The paper describes an efficient method for process control using microcontrollers, based on logic control diagrams, that are commonly used by PLCs. The chosen software solution allows even quasi-simultaneous interpretation of several sequential function charts (SFC). The C compiler program CodeVision AVR was used for implementing this control solution on(More)
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