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The purpose of this study was to develop a small cup type yoke magnetic attachment sealed from oral fluid. The magnetic device forms a closed circuit between the magnet, yokes, and keeper. A 3.2 mm phi x 1.4 mm SmCO5 magnet was put into a cup yoke of 447J1 stainless steel and covered by 447J1 stainless steel disk yoke with a 316L stainless steel ring. To(More)
The purpose of this study is to prevent and control the reduction of residual ridges. The subjects used in this study consisted of 19 crab-eating monkeys which were divided into four groups according to the extraction area. These categories are 1U0L group (extracted on M1), 1U5L group (extracted on M1 and M3M2M1P2P1), 0U5L group (extracted on M3M2M1P2P1),(More)
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