N. Ikeda

Y. Ebihara2
C. Konaka2
T. Okunaka2
2Y. Ebihara
2C. Konaka
2T. Okunaka
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The performance of a fluorescence imaging device was compared with conventional white-light bronchoscopy in 100 patients with lung cancer, 46 patients with resected stage I non-small cell lung cancer, 10 patients with head and neck cancer, and 67 volunteers who had smoked at least 1 pack of cigarettes per day for 25 years or more. Using differences in(More)
The result of the clinical trial using the lung imaging fluorescence endoscope (LIFE) was reported. A total of 77 biopsy confirmed sites from 30 patients were evaluated. The sensitivity for metaplasia detection by the LIFE system was 96% compared to 28% by conventional bronchoscopy. The LIFE system was found to be useful in detecting subtle(More)
The performance of the Lung Imaging Fluorescence Endoscope (LIFE) system was compared with conventional bronchoscopy in 158 patients: 68 patients with invasive cancer, 42 patients with abnormal sputum cytology findings (12 early cancer and 26 dysplasia), 17 cases with resected lung cancer and 31 smokers with symptoms. The respective results of conventional(More)
In strongly correlated electron systems, enhanced fluctuations in the proximity of the ordered states of electronic degrees of freedom often induce anomalous electronic properties such as unconventional superconductivity. While spin fluctuations in the energy-momentum space have been studied widely using inelastic neutron scattering, other degrees of(More)
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