N I Nurieva

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A conceptual mathematical model of fish and zooplankton (rotifer) populations inhabiting the lakes Naroch and Myastro has been developed and studied. The parametrization of the model was carried out having regard to the field observation data. The population dynamics was simulated taking into account that the lakes Naroch and Myastro are coupled with each(More)
We present a mathematical model of the invasion of mysid into the Naroch Lake system. The model is parameterized with the use of field observation data. We show that the mysid invasion can lead to an increase in the time-averaged fish population size, and to a decrease in the time-averaged rotifer population size.
We present a mathematical model of an aquatic community, where the size-and-age structure of hydrobiont populations is taken into account and the corresponding trophic interactions between zooplankton, peaceful fish and predatory fish are described. We show that the interactions between separate components of the aquatic community can lead to long-period(More)
In this article, we use mathematical modeling to study the impact of population dynamics on Y-chromosome STR-polymorphism accumulation in two independently evolving populations, namely, on the changes in genetic distance among the populations. Using two definitions of the genetic distance: (deltamu)2 and ASD, we carry out comparative research on the genetic(More)
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