N. I. Kochergina

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The content of T-cell precursors is increased in the thymus of AKR/J mice. Thymus also contains cells carrying markers of pre-T (SC-1-antigen) and T-(Thy-1-antigen) cells simultaneously. The level of SC-1+-cells grows just before the lymphoma appearance in the AKR/J thymus. Lymphoma cells express both SC-1 and Thy-1-antigens, i. e. they are a transitional(More)
Irradiation of CBA mice elicits a pronounced response of intrathymus and bone marrow precursors of T-lymphocytes (PTL) which is manifested by an increase in a relative content of PTL in the thymus and their transfer from bone marrow to thymus. The estimate of the regenerative potency of the thymus most adequately reflects the cellular events leading to(More)
In the article there are presented data of the study of psycho-physiological indices of higher nervous activity in adolescents, there are established the interrelationships between the type of temperament and the level of performance of schoolchildren. There was made en evaluation of the prevalence of depressive states in 8th graders, defined the frequency(More)
It was shown that exposure of mice AKR and (CBA X C57B1/6)F1 to Bacillus intermedius RNAase and its derivative selectively inactivated by the active centre histidine stimulated T-lymphocyte maturation. With using bone marrow and spleen lymphocytes of congenitally thymus-free mice it was revealed that this effect of RNAase was defined by induction of Thy-1(More)
Human intrathymic precursors are characterized by mitogenic reaction on thymic hormone, lacking the cortical and medullar thymic membrane markers (CD3, CD4 and/or CD8) and expressing of the common T-cell CD7 and CD5 antigens. Fraction 1.062 g/cm3 of peripheral white blood cells contains cells with analogous characteristics. The cell fraction of blood from(More)
The action of extracts of different origin on growth of human (Tg33) and mouse (L) cell s t r uc tures was studied. Autogeneic extract f rom Tg33 had a stimulant action and allogeneic and xenogeneic extracts f rom HeLa K-41 and L an inhibitory action on growth of cells of a Tg33 culture. Ext rac ts f rom C3H mouse spleen cells and L cells st imulated growth(More)