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Identifying rigorous and relevant research methods has for a long time been a challenge in IS research. This is amplified in developing countries, where understanding the context is key. This paper presents an Action Design Research based approach, incorporating ethnography, which aims to provide a more authentic and relevant analysis. The Action Design(More)
Temporal urban mapping develops a historical perspective of urban development by combining a variety of data sources into an integrated, multi-scale, and multi-resolution database. Temporal map and databases can be used to document human-induced land transformations in Dhaka Metropolitan Area (DMA), where the human induced land transformation rate is very(More)
BACKGROUND & PURPOSE To describe methodology, interim baseline, and longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) acquisition parameter characteristics of the multiple sclerosis clinical outcome and MRI in the United States (MS-MRIUS). MATERIAL & METHODS The MS-MRIUS is an ongoing longitudinal and retrospective study of MS patients on fingolimod. Clinical(More)
Selection of T-cell vaccine antigens for chronic persistent viral infections has been largely empirical. To define the relationship, at the population level, between the specificity of the cellular immune response and viral control for a relevant human pathogen, we performed a comprehensive analysis of the 160 dominant CD8 + T-cell responses in 578(More)
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