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The purpose of this study was to assess worker and community exposure to bioaerosols emitted from a suburban yard waste composting facility in northern Illinois, USA. Characterization of on- and off-site viable bioaerosols was undertaken through a total of 288 on- and off-site Andersen samples conducted over 10 sampling days. A total of 46 dust samples and(More)
To describe the clinical course of cocaine "bodystuffers" presenting to regional emergency departments, a descriptive retrospective analysis was performed on all cases of cocaine bodystuffers received by a metropolitan poison control center and associated toxicology service from January 1993 to May 1994. We identified 46 cases of patients classified as(More)
Although toxicology screening is often used when treating trauma patients, its utility and significance remain controversial. Data from 623 toxicology screens performed in urban trauma center patients with mental status alterations are reported. The study patients were predominantly black and male, with a mean age of 32 (+/- 22) years. Overall, 86% of(More)
We report a case demonstrating a late increase in acetaminophen concentration after ingestion of Tylenol Extended Relief (extended-release acetaminophen; McNeil Consumer Products) along with drugs known to slow gastrointestinal motility. Coingestants that slow gastrointestinal motility are known to affect the interpretation of serum drug concentrations.(More)
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